CYMA CM057A Dragunov SVD Airsoft AEG

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The CYMA CM057A Dragunov SVD AEG offers you a sniper rifle style airsoft gun in an electric, semi auto form.  There's no need to rack the bolt back each time, so you can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger on this AEG.  Perfect for those airsofters looking for something both unique and effective to their airsoft collection.


-Metal & Polymer Construction

-Handguard Stored Battery

-Removable Cheek Rest

-Adjustable Hop Up (Large & Easy to Access)

-High Capacity Magazine (200 Rounds)

-Adjustable Sights

-Metal Gearbox

-Semi Auto

-Battery & Charger Included


Chronoed at 445 FPS with .20g BBs.


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